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Finding heroism, in the ordinary

Hey It’s me Luciene 

I was always curious. 
When I was little, I would spend hours watching my older sister laughing with her boyfriend. I would watch the way they looked at each other, and the words that their bodies created, with their hands and their gestures. I would find it fascinating to see how sometimes, without saying a single word, they understood each other.

Love has multiple expressions. Its two universes coming together to form a third. The way in which this union manifests itself is unique and unrepeatable in each pair of lovers. Even in their daily rituals, the smallest gestures can differentiate one couple from another.


It fills me with passion to observe and capture the world that couple create.  How they move in unison. How they speak to each other in a secret code and how they love each other with total particularity.

Photography came into my life almost by accident about 10 years ago. I had just finished studying performing arts, and a love in me changed my plans making me stay in my hometown. Instead of traveling to the big city to build my career as an actress, I would try a different artistic activity that I could also build as a work activity. Back then I would take pictures of anything and everything that you put in front of me. Then over the years, I discovered that people's struggles, their passions, their joys, their tears, and their happiness, is really what moves me and motivates me to this day towards photography. Being able to capture that unique moment in people's lives and have them moment live on forever. This is my greatest passion.


Three things you should know about me

 Seven ears ago I packed my bags and left Argentina, my native country, to travel and see the rest of the world and grow internally.  For seven years I have missed my family and now I've learned new ways to keep them close, even if its long distance.


Back on my 20’s, while I was in medicine school trying to study, I used to be distracted by devouring references of pictorial art. In those days, I used to lose myself in Dalí's dreams. Have tea with the women of Picasso and/or spend hours studying Degas' ballerinas or Rembrandt's chiaroscuro. And that love for pictorial art is still with me to this day. 


Music and dance are my biggest hobbies. They shape and inspire my photography. They are the oxygen I need to bring my photos to life.

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