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Finding heroism, in the ordinary

Every star in the universe is a love story.
Together, let's capture yours for eternity.


Love has multiple expressions. Its two universes coming together to form a third. The way in which this union manifests itself is unique and unrepeatable in each pair of lovers. Even in their daily rituals, the smallest gestures can differentiate one couple from another. 

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“what feels good

looks good”


The experience:

A photographer I greatly admire once told me “what feels good looks good”. My interest is not in guided poses. I like to focus more in movement and the naturality that this brings (in which you may have my direction if is necessary). 
An good experience and a deep connection between photographer and client  generates good photos. Dynamic photos with a soul that reflect the bond between the couple(s). 
My style of photography is fundamentally intimate. With a certain romanticism focused on emotions and on the moment that both people are living. 

Let's do this, together.

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Recurso 6.png

An entire universe full of star.

Love Story's
My Stars

"We are absolutely surprised with Luciene's work, she made us feel comfortable at all times, with a lot of detail and creativity she knew how to capture each moment perfectly.  We are very grateful for her good treatment and professionalism."

Mali & Dani


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